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The BDC-K-Ka-18-40 is for an 18-40GHz down-converter for use with a 2-20GHz tuned receiver. It is designed to be small in size, with low noise and spurious, and has a built-in phase-locked local oscillator. The local oscillator consists of a Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) which is phase locked to a 100MHz reference. The 100MHz reference may also be locked to an external 10 MHz reference. There are two separate lock detect signal provided from the module. One is from the DRO to indicate lock to the 100MHz reference signal and the second is from the 100MHz reference to indicate lock to the 10MHz externally applied reference. The two output signals are accessed through a 9-way D-Type connector.

The down-converter can operate in two bands, 18-26.5GHz and 26.5-40GHz, with the IF output in the range 2.5-17.5GHz to make it compatible with existing communications equipment. The unit is designed to fit into a 1U high rack chassis, with its own integral power supply.

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