passive multipliers

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Farran Technology offers a range of broadband varistor multipliers based on planar GaAs Schottky diodes. All devices are fixed-tuned and operate without bias. They offer high efficiency and full waveguide band coverage. Click on a specific model for more information.


Name FD-05-0001FT-12-0001FT-10-0001FT-06-0001FT-05-0003FT-03-0002
Frequency Range 175-200 GHz60 - 90 GHz75 - 110 GHz110 - 170GHz140 - 220 GHz220 - 325
RF Input Power 100mW min - 200mW max
Power Out +7dBm typ+7dBm-6dBm-6dBm-7 dBm
Biased Required 6 - 12VNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Multiplication x2x3x3x3x3x3
Input Power +23dBm+18 - +23 dBm5-13 dBm5-13 dBm5-13 dBm
Output Power 15mW min - 80mW max> -107> -15
Bandwidth Full± 2.5GHzFull
Efficency 15% min - 45% max 3% typ3% typ3% typ3% typ2.5% typ
LO Waveguide Flange WR-12WR-10WR-06WR-05WR-3
Output Connector WR-05 UG387/U-MWR-12 UG387/U-MWR-10 UG387/U-MWR-06 UG387/U-MWR-05 UG387/U-MWR-03 UG387/u-m
Input Connector WR-10 UG-387/U-MK-Type FemaleWR-28 UG599/UWR-19 UG383/U-MWR-15 UG-385/UWR-10 UG-387/U-M
Waveguide Required WR-5
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