CobaltFx mm-Wave VNA Test & Measurement Solution

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Farran Technology & Copper Mountain Technologies, globally recognized innovators, with a combined 50 years' experience in RF test & measurement systems, have partnered to create CobaltFx; your new mm-Wave frequency solution.

ColbaltFx is the first mm-Wave frequency solution that utilizes a 9GHz VNA.  ColbaltFx's high dynamic range and directivity allow for highly accurate and stable mm-Wave S-parameter measurements in three dedicated waveguide bands 50-75GHz, 60-90GHz, and 75-110GHz. CobaltFx offers an unparalled combination of price, performance, flexibility and size 

C4209, the VNA used in this system is from Copper Mountain Technologies industry leading Cobalt Series. It features fast sweep speeds down to 10 microseconds per point and a dynamic range if up to 160 dB, all comprised in a compact, USB form factor.  C4209 works seamlessly with Farran Technology's mm-Wave FEV frequency extenders. 

The extenders are packaged in a small and versatile enclosures, that allow for flexible port arrangements with respect to the waveguide.  Waveguide ports are manufactured in accordance to the new IEEE 1785 standard and ensure industry best alignment and repeatability of the connection, allowing for long interval times between calibration.  The system comes with a precision calibration kit, containing a flush short, offset piece and broadband load and allows for full 12-term port calibration. 

Name CobaltFx 15CobaltFx 12CobaltFx 10
Frequency Range 50-75 GHz60-90 GHz75 - 110 GHz
Test Port Pout +5 dBm min, +8dB typ+2 dBm min, +5 dB typ0 dBm min, +5 dBm typ
Test Port Pin +15 dBm typ+15 dBm typ+10 dBm typ
RF Input Power 0 dBm typ0 dBm typ0 dBm typ
LO Input Power 0 dBm typ0 dbm typ0 dbm typ
Trace Stability 2 deg2 deg2 deg
Directivity 40 dB min, 45 dB typ 40 dB min, 45 dB typ 40 dB min, 45 dB typ
Dynamic Range 110 dB min, 120 dB typ100 dB min, 110 dB typ100 dB min, 110 dB typ
RF In 6.25 - 9.375 GHz5 - 7.5 GHz 6.25 - 9.17 GHz
DC Supply +6V at 2200 mA+6V at 2200 mA+6V at 2200 mA
Temperature 0-30 deg C0-30 deg C0-30 deg C
Input RFLO Damage +10m dB min+10 dBm min+10 dBm min
LO Input Frequency 4.17 - 6.25 GHz5 - 7.5 GHz4.688 - 6.875 GHz
Output Frequency 7.5 MHz typ7.5 MHz typ7.5 MHz typ
Input Connector SMA (F)SMA (F)SMA (F)
Trace Stability Magnitude +/-0.2 dB typ+/-0.2 dB typ+/-0.2 dB typ
Test Port Damage Level +20 dBm min+20 dBm min+20 dBm min
Test Port Interface WR-10 IEEE 1785-2a compatible with UG-387/UMWR-10 IEEE 1785-2a compatible with UG-387/UMWR-10 IEEE 1785-2a compatible with UG-387/UM
CobaltFx 15 $ 74825
CobaltFx 12 $ 75575
CobaltFx 10 $ 76325
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